Creative inspiring designs to match your brand
Websites from a few pages all the way to hundreds of pages
Simplicity and great user experience to ensure that your customers can access the important information about your business with just a few clicks
Database driven website to list your products online, searchable and organized in categories
Login and user profile ability for your customers, partners, and employees

Branding: design your Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead
Advertising: prepare the content and design your Newspaper and Magazine Ads
Outreach: the message, concept, and design for your Billboards, Banners, Postcards, Flyers and Newsletters
Social Networking Promotions: notable presence on social networking sites such as Facebook in order to build a direct bridge with your customers
Search Engine Optimization (SOL): improve your website visibility on popular search engines such as Google without paying any premiums or subscription fees

Brochures: design, draft, and publish your high quality glossy professional brochures
Reports: Improve your financial reports by adding colors, graphs and charts with a minimal cost
Presentations: Add interactive graphs and charts, animation, video, and eye catching photos to your presentations

Video Ads: production of short video advertising for distribution on YouTube and your website
Visual Tours: capture and produce a walkthrough video in order to offer your clients a first hand experience remotely
On-site Photography: provides the most important element for your website

2010 Midtown Designers / Houston, Texas